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Health Promotion Intervention Plan: Hepatitis B

Wellbeing Promotion Intervention Plan: Hepatitis B Presentation The chief reason for sickness and passing everywhere throughout the wo...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Health Promotion Intervention Plan: Hepatitis B

Wellbeing Promotion Intervention Plan: Hepatitis B Presentation The chief reason for sickness and passing everywhere throughout the world are because of the irresistible ailments. There is a constant ascent in the test of improving the endeavors to experience the wellbeing dangers brought about by the microorganisms. The test to forestall and control the sickness is because of the capacity of the organisms to develop and adjust to the evolving condition, populaces, advancements, and practices. The effect of irresistible infections in creating nations decreased endurance rates in kids, and lessened monetary development and advancement. There were worries in wellbeing and monetary regions of created nations because of the irresistible infections. The endemic, resurgent, and new infections bring about gigantic torment and demise. They likewise cause colossal monetary misfortunes in the nation. To shield the nation from irresistible ailments, it is important to create and execute extensive wellbeing strategies that are proof based, and the strength o f the helpless populaces ought to be taken consideration. The nation needs to create cooperation with the worldwide accomplices to control further flare-ups inside the nation and spread of the illness over the outskirts (CDC structure for forestalling irresistible sicknesses, 2011). Among the proof based assets for the wellbeing advancement issue, ‘immunization and irresistible illnesses, and worldwide health’, a layout of 2011 horribleness and mortality week by week report is examined here. The report centers around the danger of Hepatitis B contamination in individuals with diabetes mellitus. The report additionally discusses death rate, control proportions of the contamination, the effectiveness of the immunization, and the technique for controlling the antibody (Evidence-based asset rundown, 2011). An interminable or intense contamination of the liver by hepatitis B infection (HBV) prompts mortality. Since 1996, 29 flare-ups of HBV contamination happened in more than one long haul clinical consideration offices of United States. The drawn out clinical consideration (LTC) offices included nursing homes and helped living territories. The above data was accounted for to the Center for illness control and anticipation (CDC). Among 29, 25 were relate d with grown-ups experiencing diabetes (MMWR, 2011). Disease and its Control The gathering of individuals with diabetes at higher hazard for Hepatitis B contamination was accounted for to comprise of 865 cases in the year 2009-2010. This number was evaluated from eight disease projects and it involves 17 percent of the US populace. The hazard examination was assessed for those over 23 years old. The rules for contamination control basically passed on safe blood glucose checking and these were accessible since 1990. The rules for HBV control focusing on the LTC environment were distributed in 2005 (MMWR, 2005). Assessment of the HBV antibody mediation Two recombinant Hepatitis B antibodies were created from a solitary antigen. They were Recombivax HB and Engerix-B. A blend of hepatitis An and B antibody called Twinrix was made accessible in the United States. Antibody for hepatitis B infection is accessible in US since 1982. Assessment is related with checking the effectiveness of the mediation program. Assessment should be possible in developmental and summative techniques. Developmental assessment is led during the turn of events and usage of the mediation program while summative is done when the program is set up and giving its outcomes. The previous technique helps in improving the mediation and the last aides in distinguishing the degree of the result accomplished by the intercession (CDC’s solid networks program, nd). Hepatitis B Vaccine Intervention Developmental assessment Intramuscular organization of three dosages of this immunization is done at 0, 1 and a half year. The grown-ups getting seroprotection from hepatitis B surface antigen, in the wake of accepting three portions step by step decline with age, smoking, immunosuppression, heftiness, comorbid conditions like diabetes (MMWR, 2011). The counter acting agent reactions for the diabetics were seen as diminished than the non-diabetics. The examination contemplates have uncovered that more prominent than 90 percent of grown-ups ( Summative assessment †Hepatitis B immunization (dose >1) managed to 70 million individuals in United States somewhere in the range of 1982 and 2004 had normal symptoms of torment at the infusion site and mellow increment in the internal heat level. In a portion of the fake treatment controlled examinations, individuals accepting the antibody were not as often as possible getting the reactions than individuals taking a fake treatment. This immunization is contraindicated for individuals with the historical backdrop of extreme touchiness to yeast and other antibody segments. It isn't contraindicated in those experiencing immune system ailments, various sclerosis, pregnant or lactating ladies and other interminable infections. Extra measurements of the immunization are not given to the individuals who had genuine reactions like hypersensitivity subsequent to taking the principal arrangement of dosages. A fast defensive insusceptibility against critical disease is given by the sp onsor portion of HepB antibody which is regulated after the essential inoculation arrangement. The quantity of individuals with immunization prompted seroprotection expanded when revaccination of more prominent than one portion of HepB antibody was regulated for the nonresponses (MMWR, 2006). End Hepatitis B immunization can be given to any person of all ages. However, as of late these antibodies are not considered as proficient and financially savvy for more seasoned grown-ups. As indicated by the endorsements of the advisory group on inoculation rehearses, HepB immunization ought to be managed to unvaccinated grown-ups having diabetes mellitus, matured somewhere in the range of 19 and 59 years. In any case, proof has demonstrated that expanded danger of intense HBV contamination in diabetic grown-ups matured over 60 years was not all that solid than in youngsters with diabetes (Evidence-based asset outline, 2011). References Building our understanding: Key ideas of assessment, what is it and how would you do it? Making a culture of solid living. CDC’s sound networks program. Recovered from http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dch/programs/healthycommunitiesprogram/apparatuses/pdf/eval_planning.pdf CDC. (2006). A far reaching vaccination technique to take out transmission of hepatitis B infection disease in the United States. Proposals of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) part II: vaccination of grown-ups. MMWR, 55(No. RR-16). Recovered from http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/review/mmwrhtml/rr6210a1.htm CDC. (2005). Transmission of Hepatitis B infection among people experiencing blood glucose observing in long haul offices †Mississippi, North Carolina, and Los Angeles region, California, 2003-2004. MMWR, 54, 220-3. Leuridan, E., Van Damme, P. (2011). Hepatitis B and the requirement for a promoter portion. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 53, 68â€75. Imprint H. Sawyer et.al, (December, 2011). Utilization of Hepatitis B Vaccination for Adults with Diabetes Mellitus: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Bleakness and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Place for Disease Control and Prevention. 60(50), 1709-1711. Recovered from http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/see/mmwrhtml/mm6050a4.htm Thomas, R. F., Rima, F. K., appointee executive for irresistible ailments, Center for malady control and anticipation; Kevin M. De Cock, F.R.C.P Director, Center for worldwide wellbeing. (October 2011). A CDC Framework for forestalling irresistible ailments. Continuing the fundamentals and Innovating for what's to come. Recovered from http://www.cdc.gov/oid/docs/ID-Framework.pdf Utilization of Hepatitis B Vaccination for grown-ups with diabetes mellitus: suggestions of the warning advisory group on inoculation rehearses (ACIP). (2011). Proof based asset synopsis. HealthyPeople.gov. Recovered from http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/instruments assets/proof based-asset/utilization of-hepatitis-b-immunization for-grown-ups with-diabetes

Saturday, August 22, 2020

WomenS Lib Arguments Against Female Inferiority In Diane WakoskiS B E

Women'S Lib: Arguments Against Female Inferiority In Diane Wakoski'S Belly Dancer In Belly Dancer, Diane Wakoski is underwriting the Women's Liberation Movement with an end goal to animate curbed ladies into supporting the Movement. The Women's Lib takes a stab at equivalent rights and female opportunity (Vanauken). The tummy artist in her sonnet is an individual from the development and looks for the enlivening of the controlled ladies who have been raised as legitimate ladies. Wakoski ridicules the ladies who don't bolster the development by depicting them as edgy and oblivious individuals. She can't help contradicting their assessments and way of life however realizes that the ladies could be proficient individuals in an increasingly populist society. In the primary verse of the sonnet the artist accentuates the word development by rehashing its root word, move, twice. The word development infers the Women's Liberation Movement, and that it moves itself is her explanation that the procedure is regular and anticipated, the following legitimate advance in the public arena. It puts the development out of her hands as only a writer and gives it a more profound force, as though it was a thing itself with a requirement for headway. The meager green silk that is worn by the midsection artist is exceptionally arousing picture and is appealing as silk sticks to the skin and is regularly amazingly sheer. The green is the shade of jealousy, which might be felt on an inner mind level by the ladies seeing the beauty and sex intrigue of the artist. Additionally it is the shade of nature, again proposing that the wearer is just playing out a characteristic demonstration. In the finish of the refrain the artist communicates her conviction that la dies feel a characteristic exotic nature and accordingly any lady wearing such textures/would move her body just to feel them contacting all aspects of her. The subsequent refrain has the ladies in the crowd showing their disturb with the stomach artist, as they attempt to conceal and they act erroneously, not seeing what the entertainer is doing, for that would be underneath them. The dread they show is of being enticed away from their flawlessness, which is one they have made dependent on Victorian convictions. The way of the stomach artist, cheerful and certain, is an outsider rule to certain ladies in the sixties. The therapists that these ladies would have seen would in all likelihood be male and the by one way or another (line 8) would speak to Diane Wakoski's conviction that a male probably would be not able to understand the Women's Liberation Movement. The enlivening (line 9) in themselves that the ladies dread is proposed by Wakoski that all ladies have a characteristic want that can possibly be incredibly amazing. The way that the men would be unable is a solid articulation that she is making against the mediocrity of ladies. The ladies have sexual repressed vitality since they are limited by their convictions in Sigmund Freud's off base decisions about ladies' sexuality. Freud expressed that ladies have two kinds of climaxes, terrible youthful clitoral climaxes and great develop vaginal climaxes. This expressed a female was absolutely reliant on the penis to encounter typical joy (Freeman). In verse three Wakoski firmly ridicules the ladies not supporting the development by depicting them as concerned, merciless and powerless. She says that the ladies dread freedom, and not being curbed, so they secure themselves by taking cover behind their garments and show no skin or sexuality. The structure (line 12) that they expectation will bolster them is an arrangement of society set up previously, one that places ladies in a substandard position. They trust they won't feel the entirety of the feelings that they know the stomach artist feels, out of dread that they will lose their cherished restraint. The fourth refrain takes note of the enticement felt by the ladies in the crowd. This is portrayed as a snake, which is a scriptural reference speaking to allurement. The snake attracted Eve into transgression and brought it upon Adam too. The snake enticed Eve into eating an apple from the Garden of Eden without wanting to, and her activities brought about the expulsion of mankind from heaven. The corresponding to this sonnet is that ladies

Sunday, August 9, 2020

How Vitamins and Stress Are Related

How Vitamins and Stress Are Related Holistic Health Print Vitamins for Stress Relief By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on June 24, 2019 Tom Grill/Getty Images More in Self-Improvement Holistic Health Happiness Meditation Stress Management Spirituality Inspiration Brain Health Technology Relationships View All Vitamins are increasingly making the news as we learn more about their effects and importance for health. Because certain vitamins and nutritional supplements can affect mood, vitamins can be a potential tool for stress management in certain situations. It helps to know which vitamins have an impact and what the effects are. Molecular biologist Brian Dixon, Ph.D. and registered dietician John Bosse, both of whom work for USANA Health Sciences, explain how vitamins can affect stress levels. How Do Vitamins Affect the Body? Vitamins help your body perform optimally and multivitamin supplements can help ensure you are also getting the dosages of each mineral that you need. It is important to remember that vitamins and minerals dont work in isolation and consuming too much of one nutrient can have wide-reaching effects and actually become harmful. Also, since many vitamins and minerals work together, if an individual is low on one, body function as a whole is not optimal. Vitamins A, C, and E are powerful antioxidants. Breaking down our food and moving our bodies generates many free radicals which can lead to cumulative damage to our cells. Many environmental exposures also produce significant free radicals, which is normal, but over time, particularly with high exposure, our bodies see the effects of their cellular damage. Antioxidants help us better ward off this damage. The B vitamins, for example, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), and biotin (B7) work primarily by acting as middlemen in helping our bodies: 1) obtain energy from the food we eat or 2) create new substances in the body. Think of B vitamins as working together sort of like workers in an assembly line. The line can still work if some people are missing, but not as effectively. Some of the B vitamins, such as folic acid (B9) and cobalamin (B12), have particularly important roles and are mentioned because their intakes are commonly low. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are important in creating healthy DNA, the genetic material in our cells. They also help keep homocysteine levels in check. Homocysteine is a substance formed during amino acid metabolism of which high levels are associated with heart disease. Vitamin D plays a very important role in bone and immune health. The volume of data on vitamin D is growing rapidly and increasingly research points toward roles in cardiovascular, muscle, and overall health. Vitamin C is also important for collagen formation which is critical to the health of our skin, tendons, and ligaments, while along with vitamin D, vitamin K is beneficial to bone health. Vitamin K is an integral player in blood clotting, preventing excessive bleeding when we have a wound and the collagen promoted by vitamin C helps in forming new tissue to close wounds and strong tissue more resistant to wounds. These are just some of the examples of teamwork between vitamins, remember there is also a great deal of collaboration between vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins D and K working with the mineral calcium to create strong bones. Vitamins Most Helpful for Stress Relief It is important to remember that “stress” can refer the emotional phenomenon of stress or cellular oxidative stress from free radical formation that we may not feel that is causing stress and damage to our cells. As our bodies are made up of many cells, over time cellular oxidative stress can manifest into damage and conditions that can be seen on the whole body level. In terms of perceived psychological stress, at least three studies have shown that supplementing with B vitamins, for two to 12 weeks, may enhance subjective mood and stress levels. While these studies were placebo-controlled, this is a fairly new area of research that most scientists would not consider conclusive. For relief from cellular oxidative stress, it may be worth incorporating a good antioxidant supplement into your diet. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E provide protection that can help reduce free-radical damage. Free-radical formation increases when our bodies are stressed. Although free radicals are normal by-products of cellular metabolism, free radicals can also result from exposure to pollution, smoking, alcohol consumption, and eating foods high in fat. Adding an antioxidant to your daily supplementation can assist in relief. Are Multivitamins Enough? Although multivitamins are a good way to introduce yourself to supplements, they aren’t necessarily going to be enough. If you are not sure if your current vitamin is the best one for you, reference the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam to see how your vitamin rates against others. Once you have a multivitamin supplement in mind, you should meet with your physician and a dietitian to customize your supplementation regime to your individual needs. When it comes to physical wellness, it ultimately depends on the person, how active they are and the environment in which they live. For example, an indoor athlete might need more vitamin D than an athlete who performs outdoors. However, all athletes performing at extreme levels should make sure they are consuming an adequate supply to promote bone, muscle, joint, and immune health. Increasingly research shows that it is very difficult to consume enough vitamin D from the diet and supplementation may be prudent. Furthermore, extreme endurance athletes and individuals who work in industries that involve high exposure to chemicals and pollutants experience greater oxidative stress and would likely benefit more from antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. What Kind of an Effect Can Vitamins Have? The best approach to handling stress is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports optimal health. Vitamins can serve as good complements for other emotional stress management strategies such as exercise, progressive muscle relaxation, naps, a good night’s sleep, and deep breathing, but are not a substitute. You may notice an increase in your energy level within a short period of beginning supplementation and this could help how you perceive emotional stressors. It is important to remember, however, that it generally takes a few months to build up levels of nutrients in the body that are high enough to experience noticeable results. Emotional stress management techniques usually provide noticeable results sooner. However, in terms of combating chronic oxidative stress, antioxidant supplements immediately begin silently providing many benefits to enhance health. Ultimately these benefits enhance long-term vigor in ways you can feel and even in those you can’t. Safety A supplementation regime should begin with a high-quality supplement, such as a multivitamin. The safety and purity of vitamins are other common concerns. It is typically safest to purchase from a company that has been in business for a while and is known for high-quality goods manufacturing. Don’t be afraid to shop around, not just for price, but to ensure that what you think you are putting in your body is in fact what is in the bottle. For example, you can access third-party data from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to let you know if the products you are considering taking are pure and free of contaminants. There are even a few companies, such as USANA Health Sciences, that hold FDA registration, which assures you their products are being held to the highest standards for quality and purity. If you have specific needs or concerns you should always consult a physician before taking any supplement. This is especially recommended if you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or otherwise being treated for some disease/condition, to ensure you are taking care of your health needs. The function of the human body is an amazing interplay of multiple organs and systems. Proper nutrition provides the fuel and intermediates (vitamins) to allow seamless integration of these systems to produce a vibrant, healthy individual. Unfortunately, there are many environmental exposures, both emotional and physical, that can disrupt our homeostasis, requiring us to take our stress management strategies up a notch. Along with other strategies, vitamins can play a key role in maintaining health and managing daily stress. Supplementation becomes even more critical for the majority of American’s that consume a diet that is inadequate in so many vitamins. However, there are a few important things to understand and consider when choosing a vitamin supplementation regimen, particularly with stress management in mind. Having read this article you now have a better understanding on the interconnected role vitamins play in the body, a distinction between types of stress, and realistic expectations of vitamin supplementation. Most individuals can benefit from regular multivitamin supplementation to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of a good supplementation and nutritional program will likely be evident as you age because those who have received optimal nutrients, in the long term, will have much lower risks of developing chronic degenerative diseases. Talk to your physician or nutrition professional for a more specific plan to optimize your health.

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Acute Facility United Hospital Center. I Chose United...

Acute Facility United Hospital Center I chose United Hospital Center (acute) located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. This hospital is transitioning from paper to EHR (EPIC) as we speak, and the EHR (EPIC) is going live on August 1, 2017. At this point, doctors’ offices (non-acute) who collaborate with the hospital are implementing and using the EHR system. The person I interviewed from the health information management department is Tina Williams. She has been a long time employee of United Hospital Center, and it is very abreast to all the critical areas of health information management. United Hospital Center HIM Manager: Tina Williams What challenges do you face when collecting data? My biggest†¦show more content†¦Being in an acute hospital setting, we work with ER, OPS, and Diagnostic Department, doctor offices, physicians, nurses, scheduling, and admissions. To continue to have quality care for the patient, we have to acquire, analyze and protect all aspects of the patient s personal information. What kind of schooling is needed to do a HIM Management job? Having an Associate in HIT and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration helped me gain a management position in HIM. Management oversees health information systems to ensure that they meet medical, legal and ethical standards. As a management professional (HIM), we are the experts on patient data that doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers rely on to perform their jobs. I may my education and experience to manage databases and generate and analyze reports along the side of the HIT coders. What’s the basic salary for HIM Coding/Management Professional? I started at with UHC in 1995 as a coder, and the starting pay was about $8.00 an hour. Back then, I thought this was good money. Now, with advancing my education and becoming a manager, I have the potential to make up to $50,000 a year. I am very close to that at about 48,000 per year. HIT careers have come a long way in a positive way, and the pay has continued to rise in the past decade. Now, a HIT coder can enter UHC making almost eighteen dollars an hour. When hiring new coders, I always take into account experience and education as a basis for pay. Although,Show MoreRelatedCase Study : The Universal Healthcare Services1473 Words   |  6 Pages As financial manager, my role is a complex one covering many different areas of my clients finances. My role requires me to have a full understanding of the finances and how my company is ran. I am responsible for managing the budget and allocating funds amongst the different departments in relevance to importance, in order to keep the company running successfully. Choosing to invest in a company is a huge decision , requiring a rigorous amount of research. This research is doneRead MoreRole Exploration1060 Words   |  5 PagesExploration Mary A. Beyer NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Fall, 2011 Role Exploration Role Chosen The role I chose to examine is that of Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, or Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. I specifically chose this role because of my life-long affection for, and interest in, older adults. I especially enjoyed caring for older adults in my role as a registered nurse in the hospital. Educational Preparation For entry into a nurse practitioner program, candidates must be graduatesRead MoreEssay about cndv 5380 assignment 12381 Words   |  10 Pagespaper I will generate ideas to that prove I have an understanding of the field and the material. I will show that I understand the field in which I am studying and the issues that come along with occupation as a Mental Health Counselor. I will also apply and integrate source material and there be evidence in this paper that I can develop and organize my ideas in the form of notion and support. Part 1: The Organization Riverside General Hospital The name of the organization I chose to collectRead MoreThe Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program1809 Words   |  8 Pages I am a senior in the Business Administration Online degree completion program and currently working in the Accounts Receivable department at Fayetteville Technical Community College. I chose to research and write on Duke University Hospital for two reasons. First, my youngest daughter and sister-in-law were both patients at Duke that received excellent care. My daughter had a pediatric brain tumor and had surgery at Duke in 1999 and my late sister-in-law had terminal cancer and unfortunatelyRead MoreThe Purpose of a Cancer Registry1149 Words   |  5 PagesWhat exactly is the purpose of a cancer registry? What does a Cancer Registrar do? In this paper I will highlight the aspects of what a cancer registry is, what it entails and what a cancer registrar’s workflow consists of. I had the opportunity to complete my field study at AMG Long Term Acute Care Hospital which is located on the 8th floor in the North tower of IU Ball Memorial Hospital. While at AMG I had the chance to see firsthand how both AMG and IU Ball Memorial handle their cancer registryRead MoreThe National Patient Safety Goals2177 Words   |  9 Pages2010). Therefore a great focus on these goals is needed across the health care continuum. The goals are updated and amended on a regular basis using evidence-based research, in response to areas with high errors in patient safety. The first goal I chose was Identifying Patients correctly. In many different health care settings, failure to properly identify a patient can result in serious harm or injury. According to the World Health Organization, misidentification of the patient has been shownRead MoreThe Uninsured and Special Populations--Healthcare1452 Words   |  6 Pages-born children to receive certain benefits. These people have since experienced decreased access to health insurance, among other problems. Uninsured and special populations are more likely to suffer from illnesses at advanced stages, require more acute care and hospitalizations, and have higher mortality rates because they have poor access to health care. There are many stereotypes and myths surrounding the uninsured and special populations. Some of these are that these people are not working, chooseRead MoreOperations Management3430 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction I: The Campus Wedding (A) (B) In the case of the Adams-Jackson wedding, the concern was being able to put together a wedding with such limited time (approximately 3 weeks). In operations management, coordinating activities to come together is one thing; another aspect is finding how long this will take is another. In project management, the planning, directing and controlling resources to meet the technical, cost, and time constraints of a project are crucial to success! SomeRead MoreReducing Healthcare Cost5621 Words   |  23 PagesABSTRACT REDUCING HEALTHCARE COSTS THROUGH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF HOSPITAL-GOVERNED DISEASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS Healthcare costs in the United States are on a continual rise with no relief on the horizon. As the population ages and lifestyles differ from one individual to the next, healthcare third party payers such as commercial insurance plans, employee health benefit plans, the Medicare program and state Medicaid programs are searching for strategies to lower the costs associated withRead MoreHow Technology Is The Future3613 Words   |  15 Pagesstaff, other clinicians, hospitals, labs, etc. †¢ Automated formulary checks by health plans †¢ Order and receipt of lab tests and diagnostic images †¢ Links to public health systems such as registries and communicable disease databases †¢ Table found at : http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/medical-practice-efficiencies-cost-savings Proposal: With these goals in mind, it is my profound belief the time has rarely been more ideal for we, as a Critical Access Hospital, to make the conversation

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Are We Experiencing The 1984 - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 910 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Literature Essay Level High school Topics: 1984 Essay Did you like this example? In todays day in age, everything we do or say can be upload to the internet and seen by millions in minutes. The good and the bad is seen throughout the world once it is uploaded. Having many question their privacy in todays world. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Are We Experiencing The 1984?" essay for you Create order In the novel titled, 1984 by George Orwell the main character, Winston Smith along with the rest of the nation of Oceania are being watched through telescreens in hopes of preventing political rebellious and gaining power. Every step they take, even in the comfort of their own home, the government is watching. With the main goal of the Party to control every citizen of Oceania from their history to language. The Party even goes about and invents a new language that they come to call Newspeak. Through this new language the Party hopes of getting rid of all rebellious thoughts. Winston strongly dislikes the Party and purchases an illegal dairy in which he writes and his thoughts and his strong hate towards the Party, which thoughtcrime is said to be the worst crime of all according to the Party. He sneaks around and has affairs which is considered illegal with his co-worker, Julia. It does not stop there, Winston and Julia join a secret Brotherhood that works against the Party. As members of this secret organization they are given books to read that are banned. OBrien, who is secretly posing as member of the Brotherhood orders for Winston to be punished for his crimes. Winston was brainwashed and tortured until he no longer loved Julia and accepted the Party. In the United States today, the issue of privacy has rose much like it did in the novel, 1984 but our constitutional rights today have guaranteed us a free and democratic society. Oceania, a totalitarian society that was subservience was controlled in many possible of ways. The government controlled its people through a figure known as Big Brother, reminding citizens that Big Brother is always watching. Nobody knew who he was or what he looked like but were reminded of him through the poster around Oceania. All they do know is that everything they do or say, they are being watched and heard. Cameras are placed all around the town, children are turned into spies and taught to spy on their own parents, presence of the Thought police is seen at all time reading citizens minds. Although we do not live in a totalitarian society like Orwell describes, the world we live now can feel a lot like 1984. Everyone of us watches each other, from keeping track of their newest post on Facebook to seeing what they are doing on Snapchat. These social media accounts have allowed each and everyone of us show the world of our everyday move, much like Big Brother watched over his citizens. We have compromised our own privacy through the internet and social media applications without realizing we are losing a bit of our freedom. Winston writes in his diary, Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four(103). Due to Big Brother and the power the Party wanted, citizens along with Winson were not able to think or let alone challenge anything the Party believed in. Even tho they knew such answer like two plus two was four if Big Brother said it was five the answer was five and nobody could question it. Under the U.S Constitution we are granted that freedom today. The First Amendment gives each and every citizen, the freedom of speech which allows every citizen to think and feel the way they want about any subject. Under this amendment are also have the right to petition the government, something Winston could not due in Oceania. Another thing, the Party did to have total control over their citizens and the town of Oceania, was rewrite history. Big brother and the Party made sure that every record was falsified or destroyed and dates had been amended (195). Their goal was to rewrite history and make everyone believe that the Party has never been wrong and only write down what the government wanted people to remember. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right (195). Today, we have laws that ensure this does not happen and history is not altered to fit the needs or wants of the government or officials. There is also rules and processes one must go to change certain things. For example, if one wants to change their name they would have to go through a process in which the local state has enforced. In California, one must go through the court fill out a petition. On the internet, today anyone can hack and change information on any website to make it benefit them and multiplate other to believing the same thing. Social media has restricted our freedom and allowed each and one of us to be Big Brother. Ultimately, under the United States Constitution our constitutional rights are assured in order to maintain a free and democratic society. As much as Winston Smith wanted to, he could not turn off his screen, but today we have the ability to turn it off and choose not too, exposing our privacy to millions across the world. Big Brother has created a totalitarianism society, but that does not have to be created in todays society with each and everyone of us invading ones privacy and watching each other.

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Sex Ed Reduces Teen Pregnancy Free Essays

string(85) " information about sexual intercourse; however, it incorporates a variety of topics\." We have all heard it, parents, teachers, and students, gossiping about the latest young girl to become pregnant in high school. They make comments like, â€Å"What was she thinking† or â€Å"Her parents must be so disappointed. † Did anyone question if she had been properly educated on the risks of sexual activity or if she had been provided with medically correct information? No one stops to think about the big picture; instead they choose to be judgmental and critical of other’s decision-making skills, or lack thereof. We will write a custom essay sample on Sex Ed Reduces Teen Pregnancy or any similar topic only for you Order Now That’s where sexual education comes in. Teenage pregnancy, along with sex education continues to be a highly controversial subject, especially with regards to when and where it should be taught. Much of the debate comes from the two types of education, abstinence-only or comprehensive, also known as abstinence-plus. Abstinence-only education promotes sexual abstinence until marriage, leaving out crucial topics like birth control and condoms. A comprehensive curriculum includes education on the use of contraceptives while maintaining a basis of abstinence. Although there has been a steady decline in the United States teen birth rate, it remains higher than many other developed countries. Statistics show that sexually active teens in the United States are less likely to use varying forms of contraception and are more likely to become pregnant, than those of other equal nations (Rubin). Partially to blame is the United States government, which supports the abstinence-only approach; therefore, most schools are not required to teach subject matter that surpasses that concept (Stanger). Media, although equally controversial, can play a vital role in opening the door for parents to engage in conversation with their children. According to Rachel Canter, executive director of Mississippi First, â€Å"An effective, comprehensive sex education program starts with a base of abstinence but includes medically accurate information about contraception and health† (Pettus). The research is proven; comprehensive sex education reduces teenage pregnancy. Not only are most schools lacking in the information that is covered in their curriculums, some are providing medically incorrect information to students. A recent report revealed that 30% of schools instruct that birth control does not prevent pregnancy (Rubin). In 2009, a lawsuit was filed against a Fresno county school district in California for violating state law by only teaching about abstinence, and for using textbooks that were not in compliance with that law, which requires medically accurate information be taught, along with methods to prevent pregnancy and diseases. With one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in California, parents were compelled to do something to protect their children (Watanabe). According to a recent survey, more than half of adults questioned feel that federally funded programs should offer more education about contraception and three-quarters of those wish education included information about both abstinence and contraception (Teens). If statistics prove that abstinence education is ineffective at preventing pregnancy and most adults are on board with a more comprehensive approach, maybe lawmakers should take that information into account when developing policies about sex education. A step in that direction would be requiring that curriculums include a more comprehensive style. Abstinence-only programs tend to leave out valuable information such as contraception, which some believe sends the wrong message to students (Stanger). Although abstinence programs play an important role in comprehensive education, there is little evidence to support that these curriculum alone help reduce teenage pregnancy. According to Lisa Wirthman, a Denver journalist, â€Å"By trying to scare and shame kids and withholding critical health information, abstinence-only programs treat teens like toddlers† (Wirthman). A report released this year by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that nearly 50% of pregnant teenagers denied using contraception. Furthermore, 30% were under the impression that they could not get pregnant, while others simply â€Å"misunderstood how one gets pregnant and the risk of becoming pregnant after unprotected intercourse† (Brakman). Therefore, it can be concluded that many young people are under informed about their sexual health and lack proper decision making skills regarding their sexual behaviors. Studies show that states that support the abstinence-only approach to sex education tend to have higher teenage pregnancy and birth rates as compared to those who support a more comprehensive approach. Nevada, having one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the nation, does not mandate that contraceptive methods and condom use be included in their curriculum (Stanger). Likely, if it is not required, most schools will not cover such aspects in its studies. The majority of supporters of these programs do not acknowledge that many students will become sexually active during their teenage years. It is inevitable that teenagers are going to have sex, choosing to ignore that fact by not teaching them the proper methods to protect themselves is negligent. Abstinence-only education fails at teaching students many important aspects of sexual health. Those included are, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy prevention and contraception. Much of the information provided in these programs is misleading and medically inaccurate, leaving students uninformed and at risk (Watanabe). The typical abstinence curriculum lectures that the only way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is to â€Å"abstain† from such behaviors that may result in either of the two. While this is truthful, little to no information is provided to students about how to protect themselves if they choose to participate in these activities, leaving them at high risk for unplanned pregnancy. . According to Congress, it was found that abstinence-only programs provide misconceptions of reproductive health and a lack of proper decision-making tools, therefore, promoting irresponsible behavior (Stanger). A study by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy shows that nearly 8 out of 10 teenagers believe they are properly informed on how to prevent pregnancy, yet confess to knowing hardly anything at all about contraception and condoms (Teens). As statistics like this show, young people are, in general, naive about many aspects of their sexual health and require a more all-encompassing education to be able to make appropriate decisions regarding their sexual wellbeing. A common misconception about ‘sex-ed’ is that it only includes information about sexual intercourse; however, it incorporates a variety of topics. You read "Sex Ed Reduces Teen Pregnancy" in category "Papers" These include, but are not limited to, anatomy, reproduction, body image, relationships, and safe sex practices. Comprehensive sex education, or abstinence-plus, includes a wide array of age-appropriate, evidence-based, medically accurate information to enable teenagers to make well-informed decisions about their overall health, while still advocating that abstinence is the only true method to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (Wirthman). Not only does comprehensive education provide insight to multiple sex-health topics, it also stresses the importance of delaying sexual behaviors. To the disbelief of abstinence-only supporters, studies show that students that are taught comprehensive sex education are no more likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, than those taught only about abstinence. Also contrary to pro-abstinence belief, those that are taught a more comprehensive approach have a lower risk of becoming pregnant teenagers (Stanger). One study revealed that of those who are taught more comprehensively, 40% waited to have sex and more than 60% used protection (Wirthman). It is obvious that the more educated students are about the risks associated with sexual activity, the better decisions they make. A recent survey revealed that 38% of teenagers are more influenced by their parents regarding their decisions about sex (Teens). As stated by Emily Pettus, some legislators argue that sex education, including contraception and condoms, should be taught at home, not by the education system (Pettus). This is also where much of the debate is centered. However, teenagers typically do not open up to their parents about sexual activity and many parents tend to bury their heads in the sand and act like it is not happening with their children. Often times, parents and teenagers are unsure about how to discuss the somewhat awkward subject of sex, so they do not talk about it at all. Therefore, education is often left up to teenagers’ peers and other typically inaccurate sources. One study revealed that nearly 90% of young people think if they could have open conversations with their parents about sex, it would be easier to postpone sexual activity. Also, nearly 80% of parents wish their kids would talk to them about sex so that they can provide them with the proper resources to protect themselves (Teens). Kathrin Stanger, professor at the University of Georgia states, â€Å"If teens don’t learn about human reproduction, including safe sexual health practices to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs, and how to plan their reproductive adult life in school, then when should they learn it, and from whom? † (Stanger). Parents, along with the education system, can provide accurate, age-appropriate information to teenagers to help empower them to make healthy, responsible choices; however, when both of these options fall short, teenagers often turn to the media as a source of education. Many critics often accuse the media of promoting teenage pregnancy, and even glamorizing it. However, little thought is given as to what the benefit of these shows might be. The more teens are watching, the more producers are showing. Nevertheless, there might be some advantages to the influence media has on its young viewers, especially regarding pregnancy (Suellentrop). Although some parents believe the media creates a false sense of reality by glorifying teenage pregnancy, they often fail to realize that such television shows can actually help bridge the conversation gap between them and their children. Two of the television shows popular amongst high school students are MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Both are reality shows that follow several young girls and their daily struggles as pregnant teenagers and young parents. A recent study by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy revealed interesting results when they asked teenagers their thoughts about such shows. The results revealed a surprising 40% talked to a parent about the show after watching and most agreed that becoming teenage parents would have an overall negative impact on their lives (Suellentrop). If watching these episodes results in teenagers talking to their parents about sex, then ultimately it can be a positive influence, not only by seeing the struggles that young parents face, but by giving parents and teenagers an opportunity to openly discuss their views and opinions about sex and relationships. Research shows that episodes such as these can be used in a positive manner to teach young people about the risks of becoming pregnant and how their lives could change drastically. Also, it seems that teenagers are willing to discuss these shows with their parents, allowing the opportunity to engage in educational conversations with their teenagers. Clearly, the media influences its viewers; however, advantage can be taken to properly inform today’s youth of the risks of sexual behavior while presenting information in an alluring way (Suellentrop). Although there has been a steady decline in the U. S. een birth rate, it remains higher than many other countries. Students are more educated and are therefore making more informed decisions about sex (Kann).    How can we expect teenagers to make appropriate, well-informed decisions regarding their sexual health if we do not give them the proper education and factual information to do so? The statistics show that â€Å"evidence-based sex education works,† so why go against the grain? (Wirthman). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more teenagers are using birth control, which has help lead the way to a record low birthrate, and the numbers of hose using contraception keep rising. Also leading to the decline, is â€Å"more effective† sex education, according to Leslie Kantor, vice president of education for Planned Parenthood (Tulumello). Hopefully in the future, additional school districts will adopt a more comprehensive approach to their curriculums, as it is shown to be much more effective in reducing teenage pregnancy than abstinence-only education. Telling a teenager not to experiment is like a meteorologist saying there is a 50% chance of rain. Yo u hope it does not rain; however, you bring an umbrella just in case it does. As much as we would like to believe that teenagers will not have sex, it is likely that they will engage in some type of sexual behavior in high school and providing them with accurate, age-appropriate information is vital. Sexual education can come from many avenues, including parents, schools, and the media. Comprehensive sex education will not stop the occurrence of teenage pregnancy 100%, but by adequately educating teenagers on safe sex practices, and providing them with medically accurate information, today’s youth are able make healthy, well-informed decisions regarding their sexual well being. How to cite Sex Ed Reduces Teen Pregnancy, Papers

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Celta Pre Interview Task free essay sample

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